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Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty & suffering

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About Oxfam

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Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable. In just 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved. 15 more years and we can end it for good.

To spread that change and make it last, political solutions are also needed to tackle the root causes of poverty and create societies where empowered individuals can thrive.

We will always act, we will speak out, and we won't live with poverty.

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Issues we work on

We focus our work on vital issues to tackle the root causes of poverty, from life's basics - food, water, health and education - to complex questions around aid, climate change and human rights.

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We're working towards a world where everyone has enough to eat and the opportunity to earn a decent living.

Water - Image © Oxfam GB


It's easy to forget what a miracle water is. With a water supply on tap, food can grow, and people can thrive.

Health & Education - Image © Oxfam GB

Health & Education

Affordable health care and a quality education are the foundations for a brighter future for poor people.

Women's rights - Image © Oxfam GB

Women's rights

Empowering women is vital to ending poverty. So we put women's rights at the heart of our work.

Busineses & poverty - Image © Oxfam GB

Businesses and poverty

Good business is about more than making money. Companies can help lift millions of people out of poverty.

Conflicts & disasters - Image © Oxfam GB

Conflicts and disasters

We have a long record of saving lives in a crisis. When conflicts or natural disasters strike, we get there fast.

Aid & development - Image © Oxfam GB

Aid and development

Good, effective aid saves lives and helps poor people work their own way out of poverty.

Citizens' rights - Image © Oxfam GB

Citizens' rights

We help vulnerable people fight discrimination and demand their rights.

Climate change - Image © Oxfam GB

Climate change

Oxfam is working to reduce the impact of global warming - now and in the future.

Poverty in the UK - Image © Oxfam GB

Poverty in the UK

One in five people in Britain lives in poverty. That's 13 million people. We're working to support them.