Oxfam Hertford Bookshop
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Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty & suffering

A wide range of donated books

Telephone : 01992 583221 Email : oxfamshopf3622@oxfam.org.uk

Telephone : 01992 583221 or Email HERE


  • A good selection of DVD's
  • A good selection of DVD's
  • A good selection of DVD's
  • A good selection of DVD's

Donating books & music

The Oxfam Bookshop in Hertford relies on donations from the public. We are delighted to receive any unwanted books, records, CD's, DVD's or computer games. Please remember though that we need to be able to sell these donated items on, so they do need to be in good condition.

Donations can be made at the shop during opening hours but, if you are bringing in large quantities, it is useful to remember that Saturday is Market Day in Hertford and there is therefore no access at all for vehicles to Maidenhead Street - and only limited access to Market Place. At other times it is usually possible to unload outside the Bookshop.

Alternatively, for larger amounts, we are able to arrange for collection. Please contact us at the bookshop for more details.

Oxfam book banks

Young Girl in Ethiopia

Many people prefer to donate books via the extensive network of Oxfam "Book Banks" to be found at convenient locations throughout the country.

Call 0845 3000 311 for the location of your nearest Oxfam book bank.

Regular giving to Oxfam

Health projects

As just one of its projects, Oxfam trains voluntary health promoters who sing songs to teach refugees about nutrition and preventing disease. Your gift of £5.00 a month could buy a health kit for them to use. The kits contain items like thermometers, soap, gauze bandages, disposable syringes, oral rehydration salts, and children's multivitamins.

Cash donations

Girls At The SINAGA Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

By giving £5.00 now you could help send a child to school. After just five months of regular giving, your gift could pay for a poor child's tuition fees, schoolbooks, and contributions to the school maintenance. Which means one more child will have the chance to go to school and escape poverty.

Donations can be made at the Bookshop.

Where does the money go?

On average for every £1 received by Oxfam, we invest 82p on our humanitarian, development and campaigning work. We invest 8p to raise further funds, and we invest 10p on support and running costs such as paying the salaries of staff who work all year round to deliver our work and who ensure we are effective and accountable. (These figures are taken from Oxfam GB's 2015/16 Annual Report.)

We understand that when you make a charitable donation, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be clear and transparent when it comes to spending your contributions.

Oxfam's life-changing work would not be possible without generous people like you. We appreciate every single gift we receive and we work hard to ensure that not a penny is wasted in our fight to end poverty and injustice.